Account Based Marketing

Our Approach To Executing ABM For Target Accounts

At Oldfox Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to Account-Based Marketing (ABM), tailoring our strategies to suit your strengths, solutions, and priorities. By working closely with you, we create well-defined buyer personas and identify the attributes of high-value accounts that are ideal for targeting.



Gaining Insights for Success-
Equipped with cutting-edge market research and AI tools, we delve deep into the intricacies of each target account. Our team gathers valuable insights, including their technology stack, challenges, opportunities, and focus areas. This invaluable information enables us to craft specific and relevant messaging that aligns perfectly with the solutions your company has to offer.


Making an Impact Across All Platforms-
In the world of ABM, consistency is paramount. We ensure that your messaging remains relevant and personalized across all communication platforms, such as email, blogs, articles, eBooks, webinars, websites, and videos. This seamless omnichannel approach enhances engagement and creates a lasting impression on your prospects.


Building Meaningful Connections-

Using diverse channels and tools, we proactively build engagement with your target accounts in a structured manner. Our team meets your prospects where they are most active, employing tactics such as personalized tweeting, LinkedIn outreach, and sharing of relevant assets. This approach fosters genuine connections and drives interest in your offerings.


Cultivating Long-Term Relationships

B2B buying processes often involve a lengthy sales cycle, high price points, and group decision-making. With ABM, we are equipped to handle these challenges adeptly. Through strategic campaigns, we nurture prospects meticulously, ensuring that your company is the first provider they reach out to when the right opportunity arises.


Driving Sustainable Success

While ABM may take time, the results are well worth the wait. Our lead nurturing efforts yield highly qualified leads that strengthen your sales pipeline. Conversions from key accounts not only lead to increased business but also result in a far greater customer lifetime value.